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During the winter of 2008, the Indianapolis Museum of Art hosted the Alice Waters Event, celebrating not only the chef and slow food advocate herself, but also highlighting some of the local food, health/nutrition, food-education activities going on around Indiana. It was here that Chef Thom England, culinary arts instructor at Ivy Tech, and local Chef Neal Brown sought Alice’s opinion on leveraging a major food event for educational and constituent-building purposes.

Both chefs were eager to find a way to bring the spirit of the Alice Waters event to the whole of Indiana, through a new take on the event formally known as Taste of Indiana. After talking with Alice, Thom met with Bob Whitt, director of White River State Park and the venue of Taste of Indiana, and Neal approached Ann Schmelzer, at the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, to discuss what an Indiana farm-to-fork event could do for the phenomenal Indiana producers, chefs, wineries, breweries, and for Hoosiers all across the state who regularly enjoy the fruits of their labor.

In January their conceptual conversation began to transition into reality. In August 2009, in the company of Indiana’s finest chefs, wine and beer producers, and local food advocates, the Taste of Indiana was given its new identity – Dig IN.

Join us every August as we delight in the abundance provided by another growing season in Indiana. Help us, our sponsors, partners, stakeholders, and producers from across the state celebrate the chefs who will artfully prepare the dishes. Come enjoy the craft of wine and beer with us, toast the experience and glimpse the future success and impact it will have on our state.

More than an event, Dig IN is an experience. As an organization, Dig IN carries on the bounty of the season throughout the year through classes, tastings, tours, and discussions. Try out the #INseason recipes we share from our chefs, staff, and partners. Learn through our blog posts about farmers and the great Indiana ingredients they are producing for your table. Read our interviews with chefs to learn the their favorite ways to prepare all the great stuff you’ll find at the local farmers market. Dig IN with us all year!